Benera and Estefan
The POSTNATURAL HISTORY ATLAS  - ongoing research project (2018)

Natural history usually speaks of ecology, climate, or geographic location of different species. The post-natural (humanly engineered nature) looks beyond the organism itself. The post-natural is rather defined by policy, politics, or borders. Thus, the organism in question is not just telling a story about evolution but also about humans.
Starting from domestication and genetically modifying specimens to chemical weapons, until today’s atomic gardening and extreme crossbreeding, the post-natural domain is vast. More recently, the hacking culture has also cracked into synthetic biology and computer scientists are interested in creating codes that program life itself.
We are interested in nature manufacturing (closely linked to social, economic or political events) that reshaped the landscape of the planet. The ongoing research project is combining facts and fiction, to explain the recent history through the lens of the post-natural.

image caption:
insert in A2 journal, Prague,
curated by Zbynek Baladran and Zuzana Jakalova