Benera and Estefan
Ars Telefonica, 2008
public art project, lectures, publication

Participants: Studio Basar (Bucuresti); Luca Frei (Malmo); Carl Michael von Hausswolff (Stockholm); Dorte Meyer (Berlin); Roland Schöny (Viena); Bernhard Schreiner (Frankfurt); son:DA (Maribor); Jiri Skala (Praga); Nasan Tur (Berlin); Joanna Warsza (Varsovia); Adnan Yildiz (Istanbul/Berlin).

Scheduled to take place with regularity in Bucharest, involving with each edition new curatorial formats, «Ars Telefonica» project was conceived as a temporary platform for exhibition display which intended to bring into discussion specific components belonging to the contemporary urban realities. In the context of the issues approached by the curators, «Ars Telefonica» was more than a punctual cultural event. It became an umbrella-concept where different aspects, related both to the strategies of communication of contemporary artistic gesture and to the establishment of a community of interest for this cultural sector, were translated.

CIV (Center fro Visual Introspection) appropriated a temporary space for exhibition display – the phone booth – a decision which responded to the need of the local art scene to search for new contexts for dissemination of the contemporary art discourse in the absence of proper exhibition spaces and to create new poles of juncture between art, its venue, and audience.

The question dropped by the project was to which extend a temporary platform of this kind could disturb the behavior of the art public, the accidental public, or of the partners participating directly in contemporary art production? Do these spaces have the potential in facilitating or in speeding up the process of social and cultural exchange?