Benera and Estefan
4,9 grams, 2013
golden coin (99.9% Au, 22.60 x 1.60 mm),
plinth with blue velvet, drawing on the wall

93.4 tons of gold have been transported to Russia in 1916-1917, to be kept safe from the Central Powers troops who were at the time occupying a part of Romania. The gold and the rest of the treasury (with small exceptions) were never returned to Romania and moreover, it is a difficult subject in the diplomatic relationship between the two countries. As a sui generis compensation Anca Benera and Arnold Estefan obtained a gold coin minted by the National Bank of Russia, from a native donor. The coin corresponds approximately to the actual amount of gold each citizen would receive if the vanished treasure was evenly distributed among the Romanian population (according to the last census).
The wall drawing describes the route of the gold coin itself, bypassing the usual mail services, including the cities, names of people involved, and the context where they met, thus resulting in a randomly created but relevant axis.