Benera and Estefan
Indeed, we are all dust and ashes /  Isa, por ës homou vogymuk, 2017
Installation (carved wood, drawing on paper), variable dimensions

Szekely (ethnic hungarians) totems (kopjafa) in protestants cemeteries in Transylvania are like IDs of the deceased, a biography composed from geometrical signs embossed in wood. In Hungary they are taken over by nationalist propaganda and instrumentalised as vernacular elements representing Hungarian national purity.

The artisan carving kopjafa is the only one who can disseminate, modify, in fact produce the work.

During OFF Biennale Budapest, in a workshop, Benera and Estefan worked with an artisan woodcarver from Transylvania and proposed the creation of a new set of symbols for groups that are socially discriminated by the actual Hungarian government, to hijack the nationalist rhetoric. The artisan becomes in this way an agent.