Benera and Estefan
Isa, por ës homou vogymuk (We are all dust and ashes),  2017 - ongoing
carved wood 180 x 15 x 15 cm,  A4 drawings on paper

Kopjafak - the sculpted wooden totems from Székely Land (the Hungarain speaking region) in Transylvania,  are symbolizing the different characters whose buried bodies they are guarding; thus, through their geometric motifs you can differentiate between a woman and a man, a maid, a married or an old person - biographies composed of geometric signs embossed in wood. Each segment represents a distinctive biographic feature of that person, such as gender, status, etc.

Originally the sculpted totems were used in protestants cemeteries in Transylvania. More recently, kopjafak are instrumnetalised by the Hungarian nationalist propaganda, as vernacular elements representing "Hungarian national purity". In many cases artisans are commissioned to realize such totems on the occasion of different political commemorative events.

Benera and Estefan work with an artisan woodcarver from Transylvania to produce a new set of symbols for groups that are socially discriminated by the actual Hungarian government (migrant, homeless LGBT. etc), in order to hijack the nationalist rhetoric.
The purpose is to infiltrate the newly created forms within the woodcarvers designs in order to be assimilated and thus appear in the public space.

The drawings are sketches of the new shapes (collectively) created during a workshop at Off Biennale Budapest.