Benera and Estefan
jus soli, 2013
performance recorded on video, HD video, 48 min., 25sec.
2 spheres of 9 cm diameter each

Jus soli (the right of soil) and/or jus sanguinis (the right of blood) determine a person’s socio-political status as a citizen or a non-citizen.
Nowadays, almost all states in the world grant citizenship at birth based upon the principle of jus sanguinis, in which citizenship is inherited through parents, and not by the birthplace. Especially since 2007, the European migrant crisis has focused attention on the two –jus soli vs. jus sanguinis – conflicting sources of nationality rights.

Benera and Estefan meticulously unthread the national flags not only of their home country, Romania, but also of the countries of their respective ethnic heritages, and transform each into a ball of yarn.

A flag - the national symbol - is thus reduced here to the transitory state of raw material: a ball of yarn with no identifiable features.
The raw material of the textile fabric is decomposed and reassembled in 2 spheres of 9 cm diameter each, two different contaminated shapes – different but yet so similar.