Benera and Estefan
The driving force of all nature, 2019
Multimedia installation (DIY music instruments, water pipes,  music instrument accessories, wallpaper, sound)

It is said that The Third World War is going to be fought over the scarcity of water if things don’t change soon. A few years ago, NASA published a study revealing that 21 of the world’s major 37 water sources are distressed, largely because of climate change or overuse from human consumption. Many of these correlate with conflict regions or areas of high tension, such as the border between India and China, or the conflict over the Euphrates-Tigris, in Turkey, Syria and Iraq. In fact, climate instability worldwide drives political instability, and the pressure of that makes conflict more likely.

With The driving force of all nature, Anca Benera & Arnold Estefan are looking into the most troubled waters in the world. Two floating buoys on the Mediterranean, originally used as hazard indicators, are converted into music instruments that can be activated by the public. Each music score in the partition, composed by the artists and interpreted by Yi-Ping Yang, contains the trace of a historical event related to water conflicts around the world.

Produced by LaBF15, Lyon