Benera and Estefan
Untitled, 2016
Installation (sawdust, HD video), variable dimensions

The work explores the interplay of personal and official history.
Towards the end of WWII the artist's grandparents - refugees fleeing the red Army - decied to migrate west, beyond the new borders of Romania established by the Second Vienna Award. Before leaving, as a symbolic gesture, they decided that each would take with them an item of furniture from the living room. In this way they would symbolically be preserving the unity of the family, in the hope that the moment of reunion (of both family and country) would not be far off. Those who had decided to travel the futhest each took a chair, while the two who were to remain in Transylvania got the table and the cabinet.
Inspired by this story, the artists tracked down the remaining pieces of furniture of the sundered family, who were never reunited. Instead of reuniting the objects they transformed the furniture into raw material (sawdust) for another possible use - to make substitude bread - as a reminder of the times of war and displacment in twentieth-century Europe.